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Baroness Carol Eques von Buettner

Baroness Carol Eques von Buettner, is a British Horse Society Licensed Instructor and Trainer (1 of 3 currently in the United States). Carol has been working with horses and their riders for years.  Whether your are a beginner or advanced rider, Carol’s kind, correct instruction and training will help you and your horse progress to the next level. Learn to ride even better and have fun doing it.

Carol has been a speaker and judge at venues such as:

  • Friesian Extravaganza (Reno, Nevada)
  • Equitana USA (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • Northern Horse Expo (Paso Robles, California)
  • Pferdemesse (Weiner Nuestadt, Vienna, and Rohrbach in Austria)
  • Muhr Pherde (Arbesthol, Austria)
  • Wolfgang (Vienna, Austria)
Baroness Carol Eques von Buettner, B.H.S.I.

Buettner Performance Horses in the royal tradition of horse mastership

Disciplines Carol Teaches / Trains

  • 3 Day Event (1, 2, and 3 Star levels)
  • Show Jumping
  • Hunter / Jumper
  • General Riding / Horse Handling (English & Western)
  • Cowboy Dressage
  • Western Dressage

Teaching / Training Rates

  • Private Instruction: $65.00 per hour
  • Group Instruction: $50.00 per hour
  • Lesson Blocks available at lesser cost

Minimum of 3 riders required

  • Full Training: $600.00 per month
  • Partial Training: $300.00 per month
  • Intensive Training: $550.00 per week

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