Buettner Performance Horses

In the Royal Tradition of Horsemastership

European Government Licensed Instructor & Trainer
Kind, correct instruction and training for horse and rider
Beginner to Advanced Riders and Horses


Buettner Performance Horses
in the royal tradition of horse mastership

Baroness Carol Eques von Buettner, B.H.S.I., is a European Licensed Instructor and Trainer.

Carol has been working with horses and their riders for decades throughout Europe and America. 

Whether your are a beginner or advanced rider, Carol’s kind, correct instruction and training will help you and your horse progress to the next level. Learn to ride even better and have fun doing it.

Carol has been a speaker and judge at venues such as:

  • Friesian Extravaganza (Reno & Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Equitana USA (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • Northern Horse Expo (Paso Robles, California)
  • Pferde Messe (Weiner Nuestadt, Vienna, and Rohrbach in Austria)
  • Dachler Pherde (Neudorfl, Austria)
  • Muhr Pherde (Arbesthol, Austria)
  • Reitstall Playground (Burgenland, Austria)

Disciplines taught and trained


French for “Training”, the concept is to create a deep bond between horse and rider, enabling almost imperceptible communication.

3-Days Event

A competition including dressage (day 1), cross-country/endurance (day 2), and show jumping (day 3).​

Show Jumping

An event in which horse and rider are timed as they race through an obstacle course consisting of various jumps.​


These events, intended to mimic classic hunts through the countryside crossing streams, jumping obstacles, and more.

General Riding

Whether new or experienced, having a trained eye to provide guidance and direction can help any rider. Train in our arena and on the trails surrounding the ranch.

Cowboy & Western Dressage

Cowboy and Western dressage, although very similar, are actually distinct events.​

Instructor / Trainer

Carol Buettner

Baroness Carol Eques von Buettner


Training for horse and rider, preparing you for the most demanding competitions, or for a better trail riding experience.

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